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Dear fellow author,

There are many websites offering information and advice on how to write a book, or an ebook, how to create cover graphics, and sell it on Amazon or Kindle, but unless you've spent the last 20 years in sales and marketing, or been immersed in learning how to leverage social media and email marketing, chances are, you have no idea how to actually promote your newly scribed masterpiece, let alone how to generate real sales!

woman-computer-1That's what my step-by-step Off The Shelves Fast! 30-Day proven system will teach you!

  • Are you a writer but not a marketer?
  • Are you fed-up with social media hype?
  • Are you  tired of spending money on people and marketing programs that simply don’t work?
  • Are you frustrated because you don’t have the thousands of dollars that some programs cost?

Let me be perfectly honest, many of these so-called 'book marketing experts' have never even written their own book.  They don’t understand the frustrations 'real' writers go through.

Introducing 'Off The Shelves Fast' System

Off The Shelves Fast Book Authors Marketing Course

Off The Shelves Fast System is a Social Media Marketing System that combines creating a national platform for you AND creating book sales WITHOUT turning you into a techie and spending hours and hours on the Internet.

  • Spend 30 minutes a day...or less...over 30-days with my Off The Shelves Fast program and you can create a national platform quickly and easily along with generating more book sales with a proven detailed Step-By-Step Training System
  • The program is split into 4 weeks consisting of 30 modules, specifically designed to break down each step of the process into easily digestible bite-size chunks
  • At the end of watching these modules, you’ll know everything you need to know about creating a national platform AND increasing your book sales FAST.

You will not, let me repeat, you WILL NOT need to become a 'techie'.  You do not need to know every technical aspect of social media.  You will learn how to create a national platform and increase your book sales FAST.  You will learn how to create results.  You will also learn the one step that most people don’t do that will give you an immediate return on your social media investment!

Who is Sharon Buck?

I am a writer just like you. I have written over 1,000 national and international magazine articles. I have been a travel writer. I’ve written and published five books, ghostwritten three more, published four more books for others, and edited over 500 different books, manuscripts, ebooks, and reports.

The one thing I have found…no, let me be honest here…the one thing that absolutely makes me mad are publishers who totally mislead writers.

I found this out the hard way on my first book. The publisher just didn’t have the time, the money, the interest, the desire, or the expertise in getting my book sold. All they were interested in was me purchasing their publishing program.

I felt cheated. Here I was a working writer and I felt like I had been taken advantage of. So I decided to make lemonade out of lemons.  I swore I was going to help other writers sell their books…fast.

I spent hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars on ‘social media experts’ and their very expensive programs to find out what was the best way to sell my books online.  Many of those programs were just not what I was looking for and didn't answer the questions I had.

After all of the money I had spent and all of the frustrations of "gurus" trying to turn me into a social media techie, I just wanted results. so I developed my own dynamic blending of media fusion strategies and techniques for on and offline sales that worked. My books were flying off the shelf.  Other writers and friends were soon asking me to help them.

My passion is to help other writers sell their books fast.

What makes me such an expert?  I sold 2,500 books in less than six months in a very specialized industry, massage, that doesn't sell that many books in a three year time period AND I did it online.  

For my second book, I pre-sold 1,200 books, had cash money in hand BEFORE I had even written the first word, and published that book within 30 days. That book has gone on to sell more than 2,500 copies and most of the sales are now done online.  

Oh, and I did that in a small town where it is in the second poorest county in the state of Florida. This only proves you don't have to live in a large city to have dynamic sales. The internet has leveled the book sales playing field substantially.

The third book was an all natural dog food cookbook, not exactly a bestseller, right? Wrong. I pre-sold 1,500 copies of that book, and 500 to just one customer, by getting dog grooming stores to offer it as a give-away to new customers. How did I do that? Through social media.

I also showed the dog groomers how to develop their social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and Pinterest to gain new customers. They started seeing instant results. At the same time, I was working with a number of small businesses on their social media campaigns and they became instant believers once they started seeing more and more customers buying from them.

Proven book sales combined with a dynamic blending of multi-media fusion strategies of social media knowledge and proven results lead me to create my Off The Shelves Fast 30-Day program that will teach YOU how to create book sales fast without getting bogged down in the techie minutiae.

“While there are tons of people promoting expensive book marketing programs, there are currently NO step-by-step instructions on creating a national platform to generating buzz to turn your book sales into a blockbuster success.”
Sharon Buck, Off The Shelves Fast
Use my proven formula, a system that will create a national platform for you AND create book sales!
Join Now! Get Your Book Off The Shelves Fast!

  • Avoid costly mistakes! I'll share my mistakes so you can learn from mine!
  • Avoid spending all of your time selling and marketing! Be productive, time is precious!
  • Use my step-by-step system that works...without breaking the bank!
  • Implement a strategy that is going to give you proven results!

Mastering Social Media for Dynamic Book Sales

Master Facebook Pages Module For Book Authors

With Off The Shelves Fast – You will learn:

Week 1

  • Create a writer/author business Facebook page
  • Create instant recognition with timeline covers and photos
  • Turn your Facebook page into a mini-website
  • Create a mini-bookstore
  • Create an auto-responder
  • Newsletters - do you need them or not

Week 2

  • Blog on Facebook
  • Create attention-grabbing and thought-provoking daily posts
  • Re-purpose content so you don’t go crazy
  • Should you automate everything?
  • Launch your new writer’s page to the world
  • How to create raving fans, i.e., readers and buyers
  • How to create an effective book launch

Week 3

  • How to create promoted posts and increase your book sales
  • Create a Facebook ad
  • The power of videos
  • Learn the secrets of success that big name authors use
  • Learn how to make the power of photos work for you
  • The power of videos can explode your presence immediately
  • Create your own video book trailer – without a video camera

YouTubeWeek 4

  • How to create an effective book launch
  • Create a YouTube Channel
  • Keep the momentum going
  • Run contests and promotions
  • Create joint ventures with other writers
  • Using Google Alerts successfully
  • Fan power can help you create massive sales fast

Week 5

  • Setting and ACHIEVING your goals – take action
  • Avoiding overwhelm
  • Your future marketing strategy
  • Our world famous 30 Day Step-By-Step, Day-By-Day System to increase your fans and sell more books…in less than 30 minutes a day AND you WILL NOT become a techie!

Off The Shelves fast Testimonial

FREE BONUS! 101 Tips for Selling More Books Fast


  • 4 timeline cover photos that you can easily modify for your own use
  • 15 days of suggested posts to grab your readers and buyers attention
  • 10 photos that will immediately start building a national platform for you
  • Our unique resource list with where to find everything you need for free (or nearly free!)


Super Easy & Simple To Use!

The Off The Shelves Fast program is so easy to use you’ll wonder why you were ever overwhelmed with social media and how to create a national platform.

You’re probably going to have questions…no worries!  I am online constantly and will be happy to answer member's questions.  I am here to help you succeed by creating a national platform and book sales.  I will also share with you any Facebook updates and other information that will help you to succeed.

If you’re serious about creating a national platform for your books and creating book sales fast, click the button below to get instant access to Off The Shelves Fast.

Only $149

Secure Online Purchase Via Paypal or Credit Card

PLUS Our No-Questions-Asked 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Look, I know that as a book author you're going to get so much from my Off The Shelves Fast training course, I am also going to give you my “no questions asked” 30 day money back guarantee. Simply stated, if you’re not 100% satisfied for any reason, simply send me an email and request a refund.

I pride myself in helping people create the genuine success they want. I’m very confident that my product will teach you what you need to know to create a national platform on Facebook and create more book sales for you.

The bottom line is I want you to succeed as a writer.

Please don’t purchase this system and never do anything with it!  I want you to use it and create the type of writing life you deserve! 

I took the knowledge I have gained over the past several years and the thousands of dollars I spent on learning social media to HELP YOU CREATE a national platform and create more book sales.

Join Us Today & You Will Receive:

Step-By-Step Video Training:

  • How to create a national platform with Facebook
  • How to create a fan and writer/author page with your own name – even if you already have both, I’ll show you how to gain even more fans
  • How to create raving fans, i.e., readers and buyers
  • How timeline cover photos can increase your book sales substantially
  • How to create promoted posts and increase your book sales
  • How to turn your Facebook page into a mini-website
  • How to create an effective book launch
  • How Facebook blogging can be your best friend
  • Our world famous 30 Day Step-By-Step, Day-By-Day System to increase your fans and sell more books…in less than 30 minutes a day AND you WILL NOT become a techie!

FREE BONUS! 101 Tips for Selling More Books Fast


  • 4 timeline cover photos that you can easily modify for your own use
  • 15 days of suggested posts to grab your readers and buyers attention
  • 10 photos that will immediately start building a national platform for you
  • Our unique resource list with where to find everything you need for free (or nearly free!)

Alright… now it’s time to take action…

Here's What You Need to do Now!

The next step is very simple…

You’re going to get immediate access to DAY 1 within a minute or so after purchasing… PLUS our 30-Day Action Step Program, the following day you will receive DAY 2, and so on.  You WILL be able to do this program in less than 30 minutes a day AND not be overwhelmed.  You will see results.

So, click on the “Get Instant Access” button now….

Off The Shelves Fast!

book & cds-transparent

Only $149

If you follow this program, you WILL become nationally known and you WILL sell more books.  I want to hear about YOUR successes.

There is simply no other product on the market that is targeted specifically to writers to show you how you can create a national platform AND increase your book sales quickly and easily.

Don't continue to struggle along, or stay frustrated about your book sales and lack of social media presence, Take Action Today and allow me, a writer, who has created my own national and international platform along with increasing my own book sales, to take you by the hand and guide you to your own explosive sales!

Here's to your success,

Sharon Buck, Author, Speaker, Senior Book Marketing Coach

P.S. Remember – you have absolutely nothing to lose.  You have our 30-day, Love It or Leave It, 100% money back guarantee. 


Get Your Latest Book Flying Off The Shelves Fast Now!

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Sharon Buck is a Senior Book Marketing Consultant, author, and speaker who specializes dynamic social media marketing for writers utilizing multi-fusion techniques and strategies to get their books Off The Shelves Fast.  Receive a complimentary book marketing strategy session when you email Sharon.

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